Welcome to FAIRY mu online season 16 - Special edition -

mu online season 16 - the best muonline 2021

Our settings:

- 99.999 xp, for fast level up all classes and join the epic PVP battles fast

- All classes starts with bonus zen & boxes 

- Good drops of Wcoins and RUUD ingame.

- Added new bosses that drops unique custom items

- Every 1 minute online you will receive 70 wcoins, thats 4200 every 1 hour online. 100k+ every 1 day

- Good wcoins x-shop

- Well balanced drops & monsters/bosses fights

- Castle siege every 3 days, take LOT fast since it will worth it!

- High succesrates on item creations, this means you can create errtells/wings and upgrade items with 99% succesrate.

- Grand resets, is 100k wcoins. Max GR is 50


Custom features

- Over 20+ new unique sets

- New added custom wings

- Fixed 3d camera

- Antilag ingame by pressing shift 1 to 9 

- Well balanced PvP and PVM system

- Build in antihack features, for preventing ingame effects of hacks and or speed edits. 

- Custom VIP-tags

-- Example, you can use macro's but the effects won't be faster then normal keyboard strokes. 

- Epic new BIG bosses that drops pentagrams, new custom items, wcoins and more cool stuff to explore.

Posted 12 / 03 / 2021 By MuAdmin


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