Full update log compared, compared from the default season 16:

Mu online

Full new patched client! - Fairymu full client download is now available!

Fixed/upgraded new socket system
- Added total of 20 new custom sets
- Added total of 6 new custom wings
- Increased xp and zen rates
- reduced potting speed due macro
- improve antihack
- Added extra HP to custom sets
- Fixed occasional game client close upon use use of Sword Blow skill
- Fixed visual issues while teleporting with mounts
- Fixed muuns hide for anti-lag plugin
- Fixed certain mixes allowed to put not allowed item directly from equipped items
- Fixed Dark Spirit attack of invincible buff holders
- Fixed reconnect may switch to incorrect channel
- Fixed Personal Store withdrawal of improper jewels amount
- Fixed Haste/Burst Strengthener skills not working
- Fixed not working luck rate setting for third wings mix
- Fixed overlapped (required) items deletion for LMS event
- Fixed deletion of selected talismans for item level upgrade mix
- Fixed personal store visual issues and item price set bug
- Fixed character select visual issues after char deletion
- Fixed not working socket count in shop for pentagram items
- Fixed Solid Protection and Wrath infinite damage increase issue
- Fixed not working circle shield skill
- Fixed CanSellToShopFull4thWings and CanSellToShopFullEarrings cause client stuck when enabled
- Fixed CanSellTradeMaxOptEarrings option not working properly
- Fixed selection of mastery item mixes not working
- Fixed Mithril Fragment element gets broken upon Divide
- Fixed regular level above 400 display in 'C' window
- Fixed New personal store same item prize conflict
- Fixed Taxes collection for new Personal Store
- Fixed Ice Break skill attack area and barrage
- Fixed New Personal Store vulnerability
- Fixed ResetMasterSkillTree.sql script not properly accumulating skill points for selection of 4th skills
- Custom Jewels Durability fix
- Fixed SkillTreeData_4th.xml default settings that could lead in selection of 4th skill functionality issues
- Fixed /addgift command issues
- Fixed default configuration of GremoryCase.xml
- Fixed addgift command description in Commands.ini
- Fixed Chaos Mix vulnerability
- Added auto-conversion of pre-S16 personal stores to new personal store system
- Third mastery Earrings
- Red Smoke Icarus map and monsters
- General UI improvements of game client
- Excellent Socket Necklaces
- New guardian mount types, Ice Dragon and Ice Dragon Rare
- Sixth and Seventh Mastery Grade items
- Renewed Personal Store System
- Renewed Gremory Case System
- Knight class renewal
- Party System renewal
- New character class Gun Crusher, items, skills, wings
- Temple of Arnil map and monsters
- New Mastery Talismans
- Selection of in-file config improvements and additions
- Fixed Deathside Enhancement skill invalid damage/barrage
- Fixed ability to become Outlaw after killing a player during Team Battle state of Doppelganger event
- Fixed Horn of Dinorant attack speed increase option
- Fixed Dark Raven could kill party members
- Fixed selection of SQL State errors, see included DB update scripts
- Fixed Haste skill formula
- Fixed Innovation and Weakness PvP skills not working
- Fixed inability to divide Rare Items
- Fixed soul sharing within Party while completing Monster Soul collection mission
- Fixed defense increased by invalid value while equipping Wings of Power
- Fixed Jewel of Dark Life success rate issue
- Modified lua function, RegularSkillCalc.lua -> GunCrusherBurstingFlareCalc, GunCrusherIceBreakCalc
- Modified lua function, MasterSkillCalc_3rd.lua -> GunCrusherIceBreak_MasterLevel1_Calc, GunCrusherIceBreak_MasterLevel2_Calc
- Modified lua function, MasterSkillCalc_4th.lua -> BurstingFlare_4thEnchant_GunCrusher
- Fixed option name in CalcCharacter.ini -> BMTo~ to DKTo~ in [ComboDamage] section
- Fixed Gun Crusher damage calc and not working wizardry damage (the character class may require rebalancing)
- Added configuration of Seed Sphere level 11-20 in SeedSphere_Upgrade.xml, ItemList.xml, Item.bmd, SeedsphereUpgrade.txt (Lang.mpr)
- Fixed invalid miss of attack in specific scenarios
- Fixed result item durability for item level 10-15 upgrade mix
- Fixed Arca Booty Mix result item durability for overlapped items
- Fixed Solid Protection accumulating Life/Damage issue
- Fixed Guardian Item Upgrade option count, Ghost Horse with 3 or more normal options will get minimum 2 normal options on Ice Dragon
- Fixed overlap droppable items durability after throw from inventory
- Modified lua function, RegularSkillCalc.lua -> RuneWizardHasteCalc, SummonerWeakness_PvP, SummonerInnovation_PvP
- Modified lua function, MasterSkillCalc_3rd.lua -> SummonerWeakness_PvP_Level1, SummonerInnovation_PvP_Level1, SummonerWeakness_PvP_Level2, SummonerInnovation_PvP_Level2, SummonerBerserker_Level2, SummonerDarkness_Level2, RuneWizardHasteCalc_Level1, RuneWizardHasteCalc_Level2
- Added lang bit to file, English.xml -> 788
- Added options to file, Common.ini -> RemoveReflectFlinchAllPets, AllowSplitCashShopItems
- Added option to file, GuardianItemOption.xml -> HPRecoveryOptRate
- Fixed extra scenario of Guardian Item Upgrade option count, Ghost Horse with 3 or more normal options will get minimum 2 normal options on Ice Dragon
- Fixed inability to upgrade lucky items by jewels
- Fixed ability to buy in not opened personal store while character is in Offline Levelling mode
- Fixed not working pentagram option, "DEF added to Elemental DEF +5%"
- Fixed personal store tax rates
- Fixed period extendable items not working correctly after period extend by same period item type combination
- Fixed overlap droppable items durability after throw from inventory
- Fixed Dark Plasma Enhanced barrage display when skill 1002 (DMG Count +1) is active
- Fixed belonging of dropped item in Blood Castle event while in Party
- Fixed Elemental Talisman of Chaos Assembly not being removed in selected mixes
- more pentagram drops from bosses
- fix crywolf custom jewel drops.
- fix silver/gold box drops custom jewels.
- PVP event drops custom jewels + new s16 necklaces + muun pets
- events timing
- MuOnline Launcher
- more pentagram drops from bosses
- fix crywolf custom jewel drops.
- fix silver/gold box drops custom jewels.
- PVP event drops custom jewels + new s16 necklaces + muun pets
- events timing
- removed bugged power box
- upgraded news system with latest ingame facts
- changed x-shop wcoin-item-level to 0, and lucky
- removed custom jewels from wcoin-x-shop, but increased drop-rate ingame. More hunting/trading this way
- fixed some lord-silverster drops bugs
- changed muonline master skills system, now get instant 20 points, instead of clicking 20x seperatly
- fixed wings power/conquer/angel&demon to have same powers as 4th wings
- added them as wcoins on x-shop
- fixed all lucky items cannot be sold to npc
- fixed minor x-shop
- Fixed cannot delete character cause higher levels
- fixed some weird lock issue on skilltree 4th
- fixed shields for all classes
- Mastery item silverheart book gave bugged options
- Fixed more lucky items cannot sell/drop 
- Fixed other items sell issue + all classes
- added reward drop for deep dungeon boss
- added reward drop from elite monsters new maps
- elite monsters have random respawn time around 1 hour
- minor text errors
- change connect system, so older pc should be able to connect aswell
- minor text errors
- change connect system, so older pc should be able to connect aswell
- added guns to drops from events etc
- fixed pentagram & errtels succes-rate
- fixed x-shop Wings of silence
- fixed seed sphere fire
- added some fancy boss powers
- made bosses a little easier
- fix minor skilltree issue's
- fix faster speed for all classes
- fix max speed as antihack
- added potion delay anthack
- added combo delay antihack
- fix cannot wear 2 socket weapons at the same time
- chain drive removed skill delay
- dragon roar removed skill delay
- dragon slasher removed skill delay
- dark phoenix removed skill delay
- requim removed skill delay
- pollution removed skill delay
- explosion removed skill delay
- fire beast removed skill delay
- aqua beast removed skill delay
- spin step removed skill delay
- magic pin removed skill delay
- harsh strike removed skill delay
- breche strike removed skill delay
- more text translation errors fixes
- removed xshop jeper neclaces due unable to add sockets to it
- buff HP x-shop fix
- Fixed cannot repair item after jewel of kundun or bless. (no more need to relog)
- changed some skills damage (pvp issue)
- fixed minor web issue's
- improved bk vs bk damage pvp
- improved pvm damage gunner
- changed more pvp settings for some kind of balance with the testers.
Final fixes before grand opening:
- miracle box % increased for other items.
- fixed horn of fenrir equipable from lvl1 and all class (no quest needed)
- improved more skills & pvp settings
- more text messages fixed
- Chococat box wrong names should be ribbon box
- Fixed ribbon box cannot drop issue.
- Rebalanced higher maps monsters xp rates.
- Increased global jewel drop-rates
- respawn time of elite mobs +- 10 to 15 minutes now
- elite monsters drops now up to 7 items
- elite monsters drops now aswell jewels
- Scorched canyon drops now 3 wcoins par mob kill
- Map vulcanus drops now soul weapons 
- Map vulcanus have increased droprate of jewel of Kondor & jewel of Kundun
- added wings of angel & devil and conquer to lor bar
- increased bk PVM power
- added non PVP server
- made vip NON-PVP
- GMs will join the game shortly :slight_smile:
- Reduced all classes global PvP power, upcoming days we will tweak and open test-server aswell
- Added & increased the spots on vulcan
- Vulcan Lava giants are now bosses, they can drop any custom jewel or Jewel of harmony/guardian/creation/
- fixed dark angel summoner armor not showing ancient options
- fixed party exp
- Fixed DG event crash
- Fixed expired Errtels/Pentagrams continued to work
- Fixed Is28Opt for Gambling and Lucky Manager
- InnovationWeakness works on all maps
- Fixed Money attribute for customs jewels
- Modified selection of skills lua functions
- Fixed Socket count drop for pentagrams for Each Map Drop System
- Fixed detection skill does not show players
- Fixed battle Mind skill for Slayer
- Fixed Weakness and Innovation 3rd duration config
- Fixed elemental def option does not reflect in 'C' window
- Fixed no sound for some users
- Fixed Bloodangel Shield coming with no excellent options when purchased from Ruud Shop
- Fixed Shield Mastery skill description
- Fixed selected mastery mixes not working
- Fixed Exp bar issues
- Fixed inability to do PvP damage using 4th Dark Side skill while having it enabled on MuHelper
- Fixed Socket Bonus options do not work with Socket Accessories
- Fixed Evil spirit damage
- Fixed Excellent Option of Zen Obtain Increase do not apply proper value
- Added missing translation 
- Fixed Barrage for Death Scythe Enhanced
- Fixed Hunting Record for instance maps
- Fixed Solid Protection buff causecause fps drop in certain scenarios
- Fixed Greatness Mastery skill effect
- Fixed GrowLancerObsidian issue
- Fixed party auto-accept issue
- Fixed inability to re-join party in certain scenario
- Fixed GS crashes
- Fixed gloves/helm description too long
- Fixed guncrusher could not wear bronze helm
- Lowered Sum and DW pvp power
- Increased elf pvm damage
- Increased mithril droprate
- Deep gorgon drops now different kind of pentagrams including the best ones.
- Boss Rathian drops now pentagram items
- Vulcan lava giant can drop Mysterious Stones, this will add 75 damage decrease on ruud items.
-- BUT warning, if fails your excellent will be removed.
- Added anti_lag patch for those who want to install.
- Wings of power default skin changed, due default lag of 5-10 fps lolz?
- Removed pentagram from xshop, new system is not compitable, if got a bugged on just pm me on discord
- Fixed golden fenrir xshop
- Corrected description wings lvl4 says 15 but it's 0.
- Added 1 new custom set + ancient
- Added 1 new wing4
- Couple ancient names fixed
- Fixed glow & descriptions wings/items
- Minor fixes on some items
- If player PVP somebody - there will be a global notice
- If player pickups jewel of kondor or kundun - there will be a global notice.
- Big bosses has now global announcement when they respawn - they will be 5 minutes invincible so all players can join.
- Reduced count bosses lava giant a bit
- added notice to many bosses
- changed notice colors
- type ingame /antilag for the info
- hold shift 1 till shift 9/0
- VIP users gets now bonus HP + awesome visuals for VIP users
- The higher rank the better HP, But not OP offcourse
- VIP users can use commands /hideicon
- Fixed not working Firecracker effect
- Fixed move to Battle Zone while in party
- Fixed Solid Protection Enhancement skill not working properly
- Fixed cool down of selected pentagram options not working after casting a buff
- Fixed swapped values of Rank 2 options ID 1 and 2 of Errtel of Radiance
- Fixed Error 30000 appearing occassionally
- Fixed Exp Multiplier display info
- Fixed lang 415 not displaying in specific scenario
- Fixed Triple Shot Enhancement skill barrage count
- Fixed not working properly Pentagram "DEF Added to elemental def + 5%" option
- Fixed Ice Blast attrack delay issue
- Fixed CanSellInStoreFullExcItem option not working for new personal store
- Fixed Off Traders do not get disconnected when personal store gets emptiet
- Fixed Exp Bar display issues in certain scenarios
- Fixed DataServer crash
- Saves sound settings when restart client.
- Fixed combo not working on some bk skills
- If launcher closes, mu online don't auto-close anymore
- Fixed 3D camera rotations
-- Hold shift key to rotate
-- F6 to enable disable 3d modus
-- F7 to reset camera
-- Middle mouse scroll zoom in, zoom out
- Fixed F8 button interface on/off (more antilag)
- Increased chance to gain elemental options on 4th wings (npc adniel)
- Fixed awake soul crusher ancient options not displaying
- Fixed soul slayer helm no ancient options visible
- Fixed darkangel summoner armor no ancient options visible
- updated lorencia map and some npc positions 
- installed latest security patches
Custom features added:
- Added new boss Furious Dragon, 
-- The boss % can drop 1 new sets part (rare) with new ancient options.
-- The boss % can drop bunch of random jewels
-- The boss % can drop bunch of pentagram
-- (The new set drop is stronger then manticore, equal to GP premium set. and only drops from this boss.)
-- Bosses spawns only at lorencia circle every +- 15 hours.
- Added 2 new sets and 2 new wings to x-shop
Installed - new skills & pvm balance
should be around equal for all classes
increased pvm base damage, reduced some OP skills
increased ah settings on skills
following classes can pk each other:
1. GUN vs BK     - fixed
2. GUN vs ELF     - fixed
3. GUN vs GUN     - fixed
4. GUN vs DL    - fixed
5. GUN vs WIZ    - fixed
6. GUN vs MG    - Fixed
7. GUN vs SUM    - Fixed
8. GUN vs GROWL    - Fixed
9. GUN vs RF    - Fixed
10. GUN vs RUNE - Fixed
11. GUN vs SLAY - Fixed
Fixes friday 26 februari 2021:
- fixed OP skill of GUN
- fixed anger blow damage
- fixed pollution skill dmg
- fixed electric spike dmg
1. BK vs BK     - fixed
2. BK vs WIZ    - fixed
3. BK vs SUM    - Fixed
4. BK vs DL    - fixed
5. BK vs ELF     - fixed
6. BK vs MG    - Fixed
7. BK vs lancer - fixed
8. BK vs RUNE     - Fixed
9. BK vs SLAY     - Fixed
10. BK vs RF    - Fixed
-- So far we only fixed BK and GUNNER pvp
-- For final touch we need many more players reports and testers on test-server
-- Alot more PVP updates to come, so standby :slight_smile:
- Fixed Party Matching list not appearing
- Changed maximum possible Elena's letters in inventory, now it is value of max Overlap of the item
- Fixed Gremory Case reward receipt duration for BC, DC, DS events
- Fixed Monster Spawn Event system issues
- Fixed minimum character level to create specific character class not working properly
- Fixed steel armor skill of Slayer not working
- Fixed upgrade mix of Ice Dragon does not properly detect options count of input item
- Fixed Weakness Strengthener tooltip description
- Fixed not visible party matching list after opening the PM window
- Improved a couple security issue's
- Wings damage % jetpack in c window fixed
- Rush skill damage reduced abit
- Fireburst reduced abit
- Increased pvm damage GL
- Upgraded all manticore sets with extra HP
- Added new wcoin sets:
-- this set is stronger then manticore
-- this is for personal achievement only.
-- this set cannot be put in stored nor traded,
- Added new 2 GP sets
- Added 2 new wings
- All class PVP fixed :).
- It will only needs fine tuning for some classes
- But all class can kill each other, and no 1 hits.
- Fixed and tested battles:
1. GUN vs BK    - fixed
2. GUN vs ELF    - fixed
3. GUN vs GUN    - fixed
4. GUN vs DL    - fixed
5. GUN vs WIZ    - fixed
6. GUN vs MG    - Fixed
7. GUN vs SUM    - Fixed
8. GUN vs GROWL    - Fixed
9. GUN vs RF    - Fixed
10. GUN vs RUNE    - Fixed
11. GUN vs SLAY    - Fixed
1. BK vs BK    - fixed
2. BK vs WIZ    - fixed
3. BK vs SUM    - Fixed
4. BK vs DL    - fixed
5. BK vs ELF    - fixed
6. BK vs MG    - Fixed
7. BK vs lancer    - fixed
8. BK vs RUNE    - Fixed
9. BK vs SLAY    - Fixed
10. BK vs RF    - Fixed
1. Wiz vs WIZ    - fixed
2. Wiz vs SUM    - fixed
3. Wiz vs ELF     - fixed
4. Wiz vs SLAY     - fixed
5. Wiz vs DL    - fixed
6. Wiz vs MG    - fixed
7. Wiz vs lance - fixed
8. Wiz vs RUNE  - fixed
9. Wiz vs RF    - fixed
1. Sum vs Sum    - fixed
2. Sum vs Elf    - fixed
3. Sum vs SLAY    - fixed
4. Sum vs DL    - fixed
5. Sum vs MG    - fixed
6. Sum vs lance - fixed
7. Sum vs Rune    - fixed
8. Sum vs RF    - fixed
1. DL vs DL    - fixed
2. DL vs Elf    - fixed
3. DL vs MG    - fixed
4. DL vs Slay    - fixed
5. Dl vs Lance    - fixed
6. DL vs Rune   - fixed
7. DL vs RF     - fixed
1. MG vs Elf    - fixed
2. Mg vs SLAY    - fixed
3. MG vs MG    - fixed
4. MG vs Lance    - fixed
5. MG vs Rune    - fixed
6. MG vs RF    - fixed
1. Elf vs Elf    - fixed
2. Elf vs Slay    - fixed
3. Elf vs Lance    - fixed
4. Elf vs Rune    - fixed
5. Elf vs RF    - fixed
1. Slay vs Slay    - fixed
2. Slay s Lance    - fixed
3. SLay vs Rune    - fixed
4. Slay vs RF    - fixed
1. Lan vs Lanc    - fixed
2. Lan vs Rune    - fixed
3. Lan vs Rf    - fixed
1. Rune vs Rune    - fixed
2. Rune vs Rf    - fixed
1. Rf vs RF    - fixed

Mu online season 16 premium updates

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