Good news, we just installed our latest hotfixes and opened up our double GP event on PAYPAL and PAYMENTWALL!

Just login into our website and take advantage of our new DOUBLE GP packages :-)


Our installed mu online hotfixes:

- Fixed Gun Crusher character creation type selection not working
- Fixed guild approval awaiting list not displaying pending requests properly
- Fixed fail on 100% success rate for selection of Chaos Box mixes
- Fixed selection of Archangel weapons upgrade mix not working
- Fixed PStore SQL errors
- Excluded Labyrinth/4th Class Quest from CryWolf benefits/penalties
- Fixed Gun Crusher 4th wings creation
- Fixed COMBO skill effect appears in invalid cases
- Fixed auto-stack of siege potions
- Fixed durability of siege potions, when picked up from ground 2,> 1
- Fixed F8 UI hide not working
- Fixed F7 crash game client in certain scenarios
- Fixed selection of mastery upgrade mix not working when input item option is greater than 16
- Optimalisation 3D Camera plugin
- Fixed Muun options description
- Fixed not working defense bonus as the benefit of mastery ancient set 
- Fixed Game Server crash
- Fixed 3rd/4th master skills of Defense increase while equipping 3rd/4th wings not working properly
- Fixed certain scenario of Personal Store invalid jewels price inserted to Gremory Case after-sale
- Fixed selection of Friends System / Mail issues
- Fixed inability to complete the quest in certain scenarios
- Fixed inability to use Hero and Premium muuns at a time
- Fixed assign helper party move abuse by PK
- Fixed Gens contribution save for selection of cases
- Added extra debug logs to help determine Nix Boss issues
- Fixed inability to equip Decoration rings together with transformation rings
- Fixed UTF-8 based languages not displaying text properly in-game client
- Fixed Game Server crash
- Fixed lang files load issue in certain environments
- Fixed gens info lost after the move
- Fixed Gun Crusher 4th wings config
- Fixed guardian options lower/upper-level bounds
- Fixed inability to run the game client on certain PCs

Posted 23 / 04 / 2021 By MuAdmin


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